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Linguistic Services

Textualis offers a complete range of professional linguistic services designed to help our clients get their message across, regardless of audience or location.


Translating a text from one language to another is a complex task that requires, first and foremost, complete command of the language and a thorough knowledge of the subject matter. Textualis relies on a proven combination of exceptional talent and advanced technology to offer first-rate translation services.

Revision and proofreading

At Textualis, every translated document is thoroughly revised for accuracy, as well as terminological and stylistic consistency, in order to meet the highest quality standards. Revision and proofreading are also available as stand-alone services for clients who wish to have our experts review their original documents to make sure that every sentence is grammatically correct or simply to perform a final quality control prior to printing.

Writing and adaptation

In addition to translation and quality control, our language professionals are uniquely positioned to assist our clients in writing and adapting content to specific target audiences. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of local markets, cultural references and specific industries, we can help you tailor your message to your specific needs.

Editing and desktop publishing

Content comes in all shapes and sizes, and we are equipped to handle virtually any document format currently on the market, including Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and the Adobe suite (PDF, InDesign, Photoshop). Our desktop publishing specialists can edit your documents with flawless accuracy, at the most competitive rates.

Website translation and localization

Today, companies rely more and more on their website to reach their customers and partners. As websites become increasingly sophisticated, it is important to have your online content translated by professionals. We use the most advanced localization software to isolate the content to be translated without affecting any of the underlying code, and deliver translated material in the exact same format as the original. The investment you made in your website is safe with us.

Output Includes:

Responsible to make your brand image known widely


Responsible for the visibility of your products in the market

We offer other services but you have to reach our main office for more details


The documents were very well translated. The translations could be confused with the original documents, and are the work of someone with a complete command of the language. They could be used as models.

Christian Johnson – Chief Executive Officer

You are a lifesaver – and I don’t mean the candy! But the clients expect miracles, and they don’t appreciate the extra effort involved. Professionals like you make miracles every day.

Jane Roberts – Founder

Our clients are 100% satisfied of our works :)

  • Step 1 : Starting a Project

    We are the ones to propose our clients how they may want their pages to be translated and the method to use

  • Termination Project

    Once the project is over and all requirements as said by the customer, the project in delivered and support is given

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