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Professional English Translation

English is essential both in daily life and the business world. For more than 30 years now, our team of English-speaking language professionals at Textualis has been editing, revising and translating your content into English with accuracy, precision and contemporary flair.

English: lingua franca

English continues to be the international language of business, making flawless English content vital for any business vying for a spot in the global marketplace.

A carefully crafted message

Like all languages, spoken and written English differs depending on the region and field. Certain other factors are also part of this equation, such as terminology, tone, purpose and target audience. It is crucial for the language professional to take all this into account when translating or writing.

Precision and contemporary flair

At Textualis, our language professionals work to deliver quality content with a modern edge, respecting writing conventions while reflecting current usage. Our team is up on the latest developments, trends and the technological advances. Our goal: to help get your message across in perfectly crafted modern English.


I have just read the translation delivered to me yesterday, and I am pleased with the quality of the work. My congratulations to the translator!

Mark James – Entrepreneur

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